Fernox 360° Clean

  • Six Simple Steps
  • Provides Future Protection from Corrosion
  • Improves Overall Cleaning Performance
  • Increases Long Term Effectiveness of a Filter


Improves the overall cleaning performance –
Be more productive on-site:

Customer trials carried out by qualified installers found that by using a combination of a system filter, Fernox Cleaner F3 and Fernox Filter Fluid+ Protector productivity on–site was maximised.

Increases the long term effectiveness of a filter –
Keeps on cleaning:

Fernox Filter Fluid+ Protector contains a specially formulated dispersant that detects and lifts debris circulating within the system before delivering them to a filter for collection and safe removal.

Provides future protection from corrosion –
Prevents system breakdown:

Fernox Filter Fluid+ Protector contains the market leading inhibitor, Fernox Protector F1, which provides proven ongoing protection for the whole system against scale and corrosion.


New and existing installations can benefit from the
Fernox 360° Clean*:

  • When the Fernox System Water Test indicates treatment is required
  • When poor system design or low ow rates means thorough cleaning is more difficult to achieve
  • When legislation or regulations apply: Part L of the Building Regulations states that all new systems installed in England and Wales should be treated with a chemical cleaner, inhibitor and in hard water areas of 200ppm a scale reducer should also be fitted.


Recent trials with a number of social housing new boiler installations showed that by using the Fernox 360° Clean process it was possible, in certain circumstances, to reduce the time necessary to just 30 minutes for the Fernox Cleaner F3/F5 to remain in the system.**




*Fernox Filter Fluid+ Protector should only be offered to customers who have a system filter fitted. Customers without a system filter (and who do not wish to fit one) should be offered the standard inhibitor Fernox Protector F1, which will provide ongoing protection against scale and corrosion.
**This will not be applicable in every case as it depends on the type of installation and the cleanliness of the system. Customers should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis whether a reduced cycle time for the Cleaner is appropriate.


Customer Feedback

“Following a request from Fernox to trial a unique inhibitor package in the UK, T Brown Group used the first formulation of the new product on 60 separate sites where we fitted new domestic gas boilers. The results of these trials led our partners Fernox to develop Filter Fluid+ Protector. Direct comparisons between the new Filter Fluid+ Protector when used in conjunction with Cleaner F3 and our previous process, of cleaning, then dosing with inhibitor have shown significant time savings in the cleaning period required for the system. The results show the time saving to be in excess of 50% to achieve the same system water quality.”

“The additional dispersant ingredient in the new product’s formulation should further enhance the cleansing performance with the system filters over the coming weeks.”

Terry Howells, Contract Manager, at T Brown Group

Founded in 1971, T Brown Group is a family owned, reputable and award-winning provider of facilities services to both the public and social housing sectors