LP Sterox is a highly effective disinfectant for use against Legionella, pseudomonas, bacteria and algae, as well as the removal of biofilm. Ideal for disinfecting stored water systems in all domestic or commercial properties, LP Sterox is easy to use and safe to drink at the recommended dosage levels, with no need to flush out or neutralise the system.

  • Effective against legionella
  • Effective against pseudomonas
  • Kills bacteria and algae
  • Non-foaming
  • Compatible with other cooling tower chemicals
  • Penetrates and removes biofilm
  • Breakdown products are water and oxygen
  • No neutralisation required in disinfecting tank

Application and Dosage

One bottle will disinfect a 300 litre system during normal use, or 400 litres if the system is not used for 24 hours after application. It is not recommended to exceed this dosage rate. For drinking water systems, provided LP Sterox is dosed at the recommended level, the treated water is safe enough to drink. Once disinfection is complete, there is no need to flush out or neutralise the system.

Physical Properties

Appearance: Clear colourless liquid
Relative Density (20°C): 1.01g/cm3
pH value (20°C): 4.0

Packaging, Handling and Storage

Warning. Very toxic to aquatic life. Avoid release to the environment. Keep out of reach of children.

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