This proven dryside cleaner is for use with cascade boilers with copper heat exchangers, to help restore and optimise system efficiency.

  • Dryside cleaner
  • Cleans the combustion surfaces of copper cascade boilers
  • Available in 7 kg bottles

Application and Dosage

For each 10 litres of solution required first dissolve 1 kg of DS-10 in a small quantity of warm water then add remaining water. This should provide a solution of sufficient strength to clean adequately a lightly contaminated heat exchanger in a few minutes. For cases where severe contamination of combustion surfaces has occurred, several units are to be cleaned, or where a reduction in the cleaning time is required, the strength of the solution may be increased to 20% w/v (i.e. 2 kg of powder per 10 litres of water). Neutralise prior to disposal using Fernox System Neutraliser added at a rate of 4 kg System Neutraliser to every 7 kg of DS-10 used. Note: Fernox DS-10 must not be used with boilers employing aluminium heat exchangers. Refer to manufacturer's service literature for detailed instructions. Fernox DS-10 must not be mixed with products containing nitrite or with bleaching products.


Health & Safety Fernox DS-10 is supplied in 7 kg containers. Flammable gas (Hydrogen) may be liberated in use: Do not smoke and remove all possible sources of ignition. Contact with metals, in particular zinc, aluminium, magnesium and steel will liberate this gas. Do not mix with other chemicals. Diluted products may only be mixed with Fernox System Neutraliser for disposal. Danger. Contains: Sodium hydrogensulphate. Causes serious eye irritation. Wear eye or face protection: Recommended: safety glasses with side-shields. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Immediately call a POISON CENTRE or physician. Keep out of reach of children.

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