Fernox MaxMag was developed to aid the clearance of radiator blockages and restore efficiency, by agitating sludge and magnetite using magnetic force. Its ergonomic roller design is suitable for right or left-handed users, and the device is made from durable engineering plastic that will not mark the surface of the radiator.

  • Effectively agitates sludge and magnetite in radiators
  • Restores efficiency of radiators
  • Ideal for use when cleaning or powerflushing a system
  • Will not damage paint surface or expose leaks
  • Quick and easy to use

Instructions for Use:
During cleaning and powerflushing, MaxMag is rolled over the surface of a radiator, starting at the bottom and moving in an upward direction, to pull any magnetic iron oxide sludge away from the bottom edge of the panel to enable easy flushing.
Starting from the return end of the radiator, roll the MaxMag over bottom water way and vertical channels systematically.
Work up and along the panel to cover the entire radiator.
Repeat the process at least three times on all areas of the radiator.
If flow issues persist, continue rolling until the obstruction is removed.
During powerflushing, reverse the flow direction of the powerflushing machine between each radiator’s full rolling cycle using MaxMag.
Repeat the process for all radiators in the system. 


Packaging, Handling and Storage
Individually packaged with detailed instructions included. No special storage requirements needed.

Please contact the supplier to check availability of stock