For use with the Powerflow Flushing Machine MK III, this complementary filter reduces the time spent on-site when powerflushing, by removing and containing contaminants dislodged during the powerflushing process. The filter also simultaneously protects the boiler against damage from circulating debris and is compatible with all Fernox Cleaners.

  • Removes and traps magnetite, rust and magnetic materials from the system
  • Protects the boiler during powerflushing
  • By-pass enables the magnet to be inspected without the need to interrupt the flushing process
  • Rated temperature up to 85°C
  • Compatible with all Fernox Cleaners and Protectors
  • Easy to clean, simple to operate


Magnet - 11,000 gauss neodymium rare earth magnet, sleeved in stainless steel Maximum magnetic iron oxide capacity - 2.1 kg Long water residence time within the cylinder Collects small as well as large contaminants Operates at temperatures up to 850C Dual three-port by-pass valve system. 

Packaging, Handling and Storage

Individually packaged with hose and detailed instructions included. No special storage requirements required.
Caution: The Fernox Powerflushing Filter contains a very strong magnet and generates a very powerful magnetic field. When removed from the cylinder, keep away from electronic equipment, watches, mobile phones, credit cards and pacemaker.

Please contact the supplier to check availability of stock