A non-toxic, concentrated heat transfer fluid for Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps and underfloor heating systems. This product is designed to protect against corrosion, limescale and bacterial contamination, as well as frost protection from -4 to -14°C.

  • Concentrated heat transfer fluid suitable for Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps and underfloor heating
  • Frost protection from -4°C to -14°C
  • Protects against corrosion, limescale and bacterial contamination
  • Non-toxic
  • Compatible with all materials commonly found in Heat Pump and underfloor heating systems
  • pH stable

Physical Properties
Composition: An aqueous solution of monopropylene glycol with specifically formulated inhibitors, stabilizers and biocides.
Odour: Characteristic
Form: Liquid
Appearance: Clear, blue liquid
S.G.: 1.04
pH: 7.5

Application and Dosage
Dilute before use with mains water. In order to ensure adequate corrosion and biocidal protection, the minimum “in-use” concentration of the product is 10%. Maximum “in-use” concentration is 30%. Upon dilution Fernox HP-5C will provide frost protection according to the table below. Concentration 10% 20% 30% Frost Protection -4°C -9°C -14°C Frost protection level can be checked using a Fernox Refractometer. Existing heating systems should be cleaned of sludge and limescale deposits with a suitable Fernox Heat Pump Cleaner before adding Fernox HP-5c.

Packaging, Handling and Storage
Fernox HP-5c is supplied in 10 and 25 litre drums. Fernox HP-5c is not classified as hazardous but as with all chemicals care should be taken. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed seek medical advice and show container or label. Do not mix with other chemicals.
Safety data sheets available on request.

Please contact the supplier to check availability of stock