Multi-purpose paste flux which is easily applied to jointing areas prior to soldering. It is designed for engineering and sheet metal work but it is equally as effective soldering brass and copper plumbing systems. This flux is active and contains zinc chloride.

  • Multi-purpose paste flux
  • Well established product
  • Quick and clean to use
  • WRAS Approved Product
  • Suitable for lead free and lead containing solder alloys
  • Effective and reliable soldering flux


Fluxite paste is available in 450g tins.

Health and Safety

Fluxite paste flux is classified as corrosive, which can cause burns; prolonged or repeated skin contact should be avoided. Active flux is harmful if swallowed, eye contact should be avoided and the product should be used in well ventilated areas to avoid inhalation of any fumes.

Please contact the supplier to check availability of stock