Fernox System Health Check is a premier postal sampling service which provides accurate laboratory diagnosis of central heating problems, in order to ensure the correct action is taken to solve the particular issue. As part of this service Fernox carries out a full analysis of the system water and will advise on the appropriate treatment before confirming that the system has been correctly treated and fully protected.

  • Identify defects in the system or treatment
  • All major water parameters tested
  • Verify implementation of cleaning and treating procedures with Fernox products
  • Easy-to-read report and recommendations


The Fernox System Health Check provides all the necessary apparatus required to gather samples for testing. The micro-bottle kit consists of two sample bottles (75ml), a water analysis order form and a Freepost envelope. The process is simple. Simply fill one sample bottle with system water and the other with mains water (i.e. kitchen tap), complete the enclosed order form and return the samples and questionnaire in the Freepost envelope. The results will be returned directly to the customer. Results can also be downloaded from the Fernox System Health Check Portal.

Please contact the supplier to check availability of stock