A simple and easy to use turbidity test to check the quality of system water and determine the appropriate treatment to ensure the system works at optimum efficiency and the boiler is fully protected.

  • Help prevent boiler breakdown
  • Maintain maximum system efficiency
  • Extend the life of the boiler

How to use

Step 1 Fill the tube with central heating system water up to the 50ml line.

Step 2 Look down the tube and focus on the black and yellow Target.

Step 3 Depending on the cleanliness of the water there are four water treatment options:
1. If the Target is clearly visible and the system has been inhibited (boiler displaying a water treatment label) Action: None required
2. The Target is clearly visible but the boiler has no re-treatment label and may not be adequately inhibited. Action: Protect the system with Fernox Protector F1
3. The Target is visible but blurred, indicating containmants are present in the system water. Action: Fit a Fernox TF1 Filter and dose with Fernox Filter Fluid+ Protector. 
4. The Target is not visible indicating a heavily sludged and dirty system. Action: Clean the system with Fernox F3/F5 Cleaner, fit a Fernox TF1 Filter and dose with Fernox Filter Fluid+ Protector.

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