This microprocessor TDS meter provides a rapid and accurate test for determining the concentration of total dissolved solids (TDS) in system and mains waters. The unit is easy to use and helps to confirm whether a system has been correctly flushed following a chemical clean. Additionally, the Fernox TDS meter can detect the concentration levels of certain inhibitors in a system but for a more accurate diagnosis the Protector Test Kit is the ideal product.

  • For easy on-site measurement of total dissolved solids
  • Easy to use

How to Use

1) Turn the test meter on with the ON/OFF button.
2) Remove the protection can and pull out the electrode. Adjust the length of the electrode as needed.
3) Rinse the electrode with clean water and wipe it dry. Immerse the electrode in the calibration solution 0.01N KCI. Stir gently and wait until the display stabilises.
4) Adjust the reading to 141 (1410μs/cm) for conductivity or 94 (940 ppm) for TDS at 25°C by tuning the trimmer located at the right side of the meter with a screwdriver
5) Rinse the electrode with clean water and wipe it dry. Dip the electrode into the sample solution to be measured. Stir gently and wait until a stable readying can be obtained.
6) Read the measure on the display. The reading should be multiplied by a factor of 10 for conductivity or TDS.
7) After measurement, rinse the electrode with clean water and replace the protection cap.

Application with Chemical Cleaning

For checking whether a system is flushed after a chemical clean, carry out steps 1 to 5 with both system water and mains water and compare the results. The system can be regarded as being thoroughly flushed if the readings are within 10% of each other. Differences above 20% mean that significant cleaner residues have been left in the system.

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